What can be found on the darknet?

There are many different resources in the darknet, including:

those that specialize in database leaks and the sale of information from them: (mobile operators, banks, government agencies);

anonymous mail services;

portals for communication and discussion of any (including prohibited) topics;

resources for the sale of goods whose turnover is restricted by law or completely prohibited;

analogues of social networks;

online libraries.

Most often in the darknet they sell:


data from hacking accounts — mail, social networks, messengers;

settlement accounts and bank cards issued to front persons;

services for “punching” in the databases of companies or public services;

cash-out and money laundering services;

false documents;

anonymous proxy servers;

services of various employees and insiders.

Nikitin from Group-IB claims that the darknet mainly presents various forums that have existed since the beginning of the noughties. “There is a huge layer of cybercrime community that provides hacking services, illegal access, DDoS attacks and database draining. All this can be bought, including through cryptocurrency. There are special intermediaries who guarantee the deal. Users can see the nickname and data on the number of transactions carried out — this is the main indicator that a person can be trusted,” Nikitin notes.

Persons engaged in offline trade in illegal goods and other criminal activities, up to contract killings, have also moved to the hidden segment of the Network.