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DVD (NTSC) 59 min. In English, Persian & French with English subtitles.

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"Our Summer in Tehran is a great addition to our collection, and fulfills our commitment to offering our library customers resources that open minds, pique curiosity and stimulate intellectual thought."
---Madeline Ripley, Spokane County Library District

"Our Summer in Tehran models a new way to open the conversation about Iran, and about all countries and cultures we perceive as a threat."
---Professor Persis Karim, San Jose State University Middle East & Iran Studies Program


"Whatever your entry point to inspiring students to think in more nuanced terms about the rest of the world--this film is a valuable resource."
--- Barbara Petzen, President of the Middle East Outreach Council

"This film is exactly what educators need to help students enter into a world they need to know more about it. The film's potential for classrooms of all ages is limitless."
---Joan Brodsky Schur, Curriculum Developer, New York City

"At a time when the relations between Iran and the West are increasingly narrowed to the nuclear dispute, the broader understanding of Iran that Our Summer in Tehran provides is of great value for students and the general public."
--- Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech, Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School

"With Our Summer in Tehran, Shapiro reminds us that the personal is political."
--Jonathan B. Vogels, Principal of Upper school at Colorado Academy

"...these people who could not seem less like our enemy, might someday find themselves beneath our bombs. This is a film that Americans need to see sooner rather than later."
- Journalist Evan Hill, Al Jazeera

"This film should be widely shown to help humanize a country that has so often been demonized ... It should teach us all to see the world, as Mateo's mom, filmmaker Justine Shapiro says, 'in wonder rather than in fear.' "
-- Barbara Slavin, former Assistant Managing Editor at the Washington Times; Author of Bitter Friends Bosom Enemies: Iran, the U.S. and the Twisted Path to Confrontation